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2014 Bauma (baumaChina) launch free channels

Posted on Tue, 22 Jul 2014 16:22:10 GMT
Recently, the bauma China 2014 started the free channels.Since this year, the organizers received a large number of domestic and international exhibition consulting, to provide convenient audience exhibition information, baumaChina audience pre-registration system officially launched, nearly two months earlier than the last exhibition.Make an appointment to the audience can be input link to free access to visit the channel, to save time for the queue to register, and can grasp the exhibitors dynamic ahead of time.
BaumaChina2014 organizers in the past more than a year of time, has been committed to listen to the sound industry, and strive to meet the needs of nearly 3000 exhibitors.The organizers hope to make full use of Shanghai new international expo center 300000 square meters of exhibition area, to help the exhibitors to exert the best exhibition effect.
Good policy Revelations from time to time, this industry is less than 4 trillion yuan, is also timely "stimulus", for the engineering machinery enterprise market injected in the development of the arm.When excess capacity, homogeneity and destocking words appeared frequently in construction machinery industry, a new round of reform is imperative.When simple technical imitation come to an end, what grow?By quoting from a entrepreneurs: the world will be coming to you sooner or later.The key period for adjustment in this industry, baumaChina together with you all the time, watching attentively, with thought, will be built into the heart, to build the future.

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